Removes biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations and implants. Cleans and polishes in one single procedure.

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Ensuring the elimination of the main etiological cause of both tooth-decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, mucositis & peri-implantitis. Using the Erythritol PLUS powder, the AIRFLOW supragingival handpiece is able to remove Biofilm in the sulcus area & shallow pockets up to 4mm, on the tongue and gingiva as well as on the palate - all in a minimal-invasive way for maximum patient comfort. The CLASSIC COMFORT powder is able to remove remaining heavy stains & pigmentations caused by high intakes of coffee, red wine and smoking.

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With rubber cups and polishing paste it is impossible to clean:


  • Interdental spaces, especially in patients with mal-aligned teeth
  • Exposed tooth necks
  • Pits and fissures
  • Orthodontics brackets


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  • AIRFLOW® is a predictable procedure for the removal of biofilm, stains and young calculus from teeth, implants, restorations, orthodontic appliances and from supra and subgingival areas.
  • AIRFLOW® with PLUS powder can be used safely and comfortably on all soft tissues including attached gingiva, mucosa, tongue and palate.
  • AIRFLOW® is the only technology that removes biofilm from inaccessible areas such as deep pits and fissures, interdental spaces, misaligned areas, below crown margins, around peri-implant sulcus, recessions and orthodontic appliances efficiently and in a minimally invasive way.
  • AIRFLOW® helps early detection of white spots and caries avoiding unnecessary aggressive dental treatments.
  • AIRFLOW® preserves the integrity of the natural teeth, implants, restorations and soft tissues.


  • AIRFLOW® with PLUS powder is the only solution to clean biofilm around orthodontic appliances.
  • AIRFLOW® provides a 100% accessibility around orthodontic brackets without the need to remove wires, ligatures or elastics.
  • AIRFLOW® with PLUS powder safely and efficiently removes all biofilm without damaging or altering the surface of the bracket hence preserving its full bond strength.
  • PLUS powder is comfortable on the gingiva and soft tissues increasing patient compliance.


  • AIRFLOW® with PLUS powder is the unique approach for regular implant maintenance providing efficient and safe biofilm removal.
  • AIRFLOW® with PLUS powder is minimally invasive with no risk of scratching implant surfaces, abutments or prosthesis.
  • AIRFLOW® using PLUS powder is comfortable and safe around soft tissues.
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Minimally abrasive

tooth enamel surface
Tooth enamel surface with residual biofilm before cleaning.

The enamel prisms of the natural tooth enamel are easily recognizable – The photo shows the remnants of the bacteria killed off with sodium hypochlorite.

tooth enamel after polishing
Tooth enamel after polishing with low-abrasive paste.

The vital enamel prisms have been polished away. Pastes have caused scratches. Biofilm has been spread into natural crevices. Overall abrasive pastes cause a loss of valuable enamel. No improvement of the dental surface.

tooth enamel after cleaning with AIRFLOW
Tooth enamel after cleaning with AIRFLOW PLUS powder.

The biofilm has been completely removed with AIRFLOW®. The surface is clean down to the pores. No abrasion. The enamel prisms remain intact and the surface is perfectly smooth. The tongue no longer feels any roughness and there is no need for polishing with (abrasive) pastes. This saves enamel – and treatment time.

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